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Here you can view and listen to the promotions and media we use on our events


Example 1 – One of our main event promo’s

This promo is used on many of our events and demonstrates the radio-quality professionalism of the vocal artists we use.

Example 2 – Custom audio of our TAP mascot ‘Tappy’

This embed is used to compliment our ‘Tappy’ mascot on events.
The character also appears on much of our branding and promotional material.

Example 3 – Custom audio for Olympic Games event

Here is an example of how we can tailor the audio to your specific needs.

An excellent option for ‘one off’ events with a very fast turnaround.

Example 4 – Custom audio for Shroggs Party in the Park

This example shows a generic audio embed which can be used for repeat events.


See what TAP could do for you…… do you want TAP to promote your cause or event? Our professional audio promotions can be customised to your event however big or small.

As a registered charity we can keep cost low and pass this discount on to you.